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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Most Fun You've Ever Had at Work

Last week The Motley Fool went off to our annual meeting called "Foolapalooza". This meeting/party is legendary for creating some of the more colorful company stories and just being an all around good time.

Although I helped with the Foolapalooza production this year, I've just been informed that next year it's my baby. So, the pressure is on. This year is going to be really hard to beat!

The whole company went to the Rocky Gap Resort in Flinstone, MD.

Day 1 - the busses arrived at around 9:00 and everyone had a light breakfast and the business meeting started at 10:00. We had an awesome speaker/juggler/ex-hanglider, Frank Miles, kick things off for us and then it was on to the department strategies for the coming year. The business meeting ended by 12:30 and we were served a mexican lunch. After lunch, people went off to various afternoon activities which included:

When we returned from our activities (my team won the Geocaching event) my boss was hosting people at one of the resorts bars. He left, I took over the bill. I left, and our President took over the bill.

We had a cocktail reception followed by a sit down dinner. After dinner, another room opened up with so many things to do!

  • A big blow up velcro wall
  • A mechanical surfboard
  • A blow up jousting ring
  • Dance Dance Revolution (the full size arcade game)
  • Bobblehead video productions
  • Tiki bars
  • A giant jenga game
  • A poker room
  • A couple of other full-sized arcade games
  • Music and dancing

The official party lasted until 1:30, the after-party lasted until about 2:30 and the after-after-party lasted until about 4:30.

Day 2 - A full hot breakfast (with a crepe station - yummy) starts at 9:00, meetings start at 10:00 and go until 12:30, lunch is served and everyone gets on a bus and goes home.

A great time was had by all!! question is...what next???? I guess that they did the casino themed party night for a few years in a row. Does anyone have any ideas for party themes that would take it up another notch?

So, if you can help me out

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