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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Living Hell, Persecution, Torment, Torture

Do you have a good payroll/HRIS vendor you can recommend?

The words above are the synonyms for "hell" according to Roget's II: The New Thesaurus. And I've been in Paychex hell. There are issues upon issues and now I'm fed up. I haven't heard great things about the other major payroll vendors either so we're not sure where to go.

Basically, what we wanted was an outsourced payroll provider who could also supply us with a simple to use, cost-effective HRIS system. We are a "smaller" company after all. We have no need for a $500,000 solution. So, we went with Paychex for payroll and then they sold us their HROnline solution as an HRIS. We're also doing our FSA and COBRA administration through them. So far:
  • They say that they are Vista compatible but suddenly, now that we've switched to Vista, or payroll and HRIS systems are not speaking to each other properly resulting in lost data every time we run payroll.
  • COBRA administration can't handle simple requests such as, "We're covering someone's COBRA for them for the first three months, so please don't bill them and tell them that they are cancelled for non-payment." The answer was, sorry, we can't do that.
  • It is somehow impossible for anyone, anywhere to generate a simple report of all of our usernames out of the HRIS system (hmmm, the data is in there...should be able to get it out of there).
  • When people sign up for FSA, they set up the deductions (since the systems are integrated) however, last year a bunch of the deductions were set up incorrectly. We were told that they couldn't do anything about that - since we're the administrator, we need to check them all and make sure that they are correct.
  • We're trying to get a report to generate automatically that can be uploaded to our new Performance Management system on a regular basis and basically, can't get any assistance from them whatsoever. First, our customer service rep said that he could handle it and once he realized that he couldn't, passed us off to someone who won't return a phone call.

Maybe I need more lunchtime meditation?

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