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Monday, July 14, 2008

11:11 - Make a Wish

I just looked at the clock and it's 11:11 pm Est., the time I've been told to "Make a Wish", so I'm putting my wish out here. I wish that we could find a new name for our Human Resources Department.

I kind of like "Human Resources", it seems to embody everything that we do. I think it has come a long way from "Personnel", but maybe there's something missing?

I met with our department today to brainstorm this idea that I've blogged about before. We came up with a couple of names that we'd settle for, but found nothing that we were in "love" with. It's hard to come up with a name for a group of people that are selfless, smart, knowlegable, people people, thoughtful, caring, mom (or dad) like, and basically held responsible for the happiness, caring and development of the entire employee (and potential employee) population!

At Disney, they're called "Casting, " but that doesn't really fit our online media environment and we don't want to leave out the people that aren't our named newsletter "talent." We have so many talented people in our organization. So what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hi Angelique,

I hope you remember me my name is Janice Sanders we used to work together at Arrowhead. You look great and I would love to speak with you please call me at 202-366-4529.

Rob Pitingolo said...

Hi Angelique. Great blog, keep up the good work! I recently interned at Southwest Airlines, and I love that they call their HR department "People and Leadership Development". The name really makes employees feel like it is a department by the people and for the people. Is the name itself responsible for the high satisfaction levels of employees? Maybe not entirely... but I figure it probably doesn't hurt! -Rob

Dave said...

Hi Angelique, I suggested an alternative - just a slight change to "human process" department on my blog at It's subtle, but I hope describes what we're about better than HR does. (PS: read about your blog on HRM Today - looks great)

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